Books ó with brief commentary


Generations Beacon Press, 1970.  Poems

First book of poetry, in many ways a response to the literature of the Black Arts Movement, as it tends to deal with one, families, imaginary and historical growth through slavery into the end of the 1960s.


Sam's World Decatur House Press, 1978. Poems

A broadening of materials from Generations, including poems about the womenís movement, day-to-day lives of African Americans and white in rural Vermont and Georgia as well as an extended section on family photographs, before and after the Civil War. Used photos to explore an imaginary family history.


Songs of Jubilee Unicorn Press, 1986. New and Selected Poems

Some poems published previously from Generations and Samís World and more material about American slavery.  Slaver rebellions and the Underground Railroad.


1935 Ploughshares Books 1990. A Memoir

An imaginary account in prose and poetry of the Cornish family in American history. Emphasis is placed on Harlem Renaissance, blues singers, FDR, and Depression America and the beginning of the Civil Rights movement.


Folks Like Me Zoland Books, 1993. Poems

The most realistic and gritty book that attempts to deal honestly with black Americans as they would have been depicted by Naturalistic novelists of the 1940s-50s. The subjects are the Communist Party, interpersonal relations, husbands and wives/men and women, and persons such as James Baldwin, Louis Armstrong, and other major figures in American pop culture. It also touches on people such as Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael. Unlike other books, this book is very gritty and at times violent and honest.


Cross a Parted Sea Zoland Books, 1996. Poems

Portraits of African Americans during the postwar and McCarthy eras. Black subjects include Emmett Till, Martin Luther King, Jr. and his assassination and further portrayals of male-female relationships between black men and women.